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Custom Cake Balls crafted for a recent Bride coordinated to perfection with her 

Black & Silver Wedding theme

Greenfield Grind

cakeballs at the grind

The Greenfield Grind

Located inside Bradley Hall Event Center

Historic Masonic Temple Building downtown Greenfield, IN

Cuppa Hope Coffee


Located inside Redefined Hope Boutique at 

the Hope Center in Indianapolis

Coffee • Cakeballs

"Shopping for a Cause"


  • Fully expect each guest to eat at the very minimum two Cake Balls per person
  • Trust me, they will sneak back for more
  • If you offer more than one flavor, guests will eat at least one of each Cake Ball offered!   
  • Simply put,  they need to "Try every single one!" and they will!
  • Just let them eat cake


The Best

So moist & flavorful!

Simply the best.

- Jim D


These cake balls are so good!

Melt in your mouth good.

- Brian C


These are fabulous!  Toni came & set up a beautiful display for my daughter's 18th birthday party, the kids loved them!

- Lynette G

Specific Treats

I had an event to attend & needed specific colored treat.  Toni was easy to work with & understood my needs, and she had everything ready to go!  Her presentation was nice as well!

- Tristan W

Helpful Info



Discuss your Cake Ball needs & Customization with Toni


Upon confirmation of the order you will receive a PayPal Invoice

Payment due upon Order

Cake Balls are Custom Made per order

Delivery | Pick Up


- Local Central Indiana - 

We deliver directly to you;

Meet you at the Venue; or

Meet for you to Pick Up

*Add'l fees may apply per destination

: We do not have a storefront bakery :

Set Up


Southern Charm Sweet Treats can even set up for your Wedding or Event


* Add'l fee per custom needs

Size Matters


Individual tasty Cake Balls are approximately one inch in diameter and fit comfortably in your mouth. 

They're a slightly big bite!

Most guests take two bites just to see the deliciousness on the inside ... at least with the first one.

The rest ... 

People pop the whole thing in

Freshness Factor


Cake Balls should be stored in the fridge until time to indulge.

They should be served slightly chilled, but still incredibly delightful as they warm up

If you have any left over Cake Balls, store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  Toss in the freezer up to 6 months.

Won't happen, you will eat them all 



No special dietary options offered, at all.

It's indulgently rich cake in little mouthful size balls.

Our cake balls contain tons of sugar, eggs, nuts, chocolate, more sugar, and some recipes contain alcohol 

{Champagne, Bourbon, Whiskey}

If you have food allergies - You know what you can handle

Allergen Policy


Allergen Alert

Products may contain or may be prepared near common allergens such as, but not limited to:  Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Flour, Gluten, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts/Any type of Nut Products, Strawberries & All types of Berries